iMacs and the yellow tinted screen

1 minute read

Oh oh! No, not Santa, this is actually a juicy story. Mark Wilson at Gizmodo brings us an issue with the latest Apple’s iMacs. According to said person, some of the latest iMacs randomly display a yellow tinted screen, turning the whites into… well… yellow. Manufacturing issues like this happen you say, and I would agree; that’s not really the issue in this case.

The issue is the fact that Mark’s iMac was exchanged but the replacement computer is also icteric. So what’s the deal? Well, I’m not a fan boy for either side, I’m not fanatic so this brings me no special joy; despite that, I share Mark’s opinion on the issue: multi-thousand dollar computers, computers that are known for being overpriced for their specifications, shouldn’t have issues like this. Moreso, the issue should never happen again on a replacement computer. This can only mean one of two things – either the issue is happening on a large percentage of iMacs or Mark has just been extremely unlucky. Considering Apple’s previous rapport with manufacturing issues and faulty parts, I would go with the former.

Right now Apple has been creepy and resorted to shady backstage data mining to flag Mark’s Apple account to disallow any other exchanges; apparently his computer will now be repaired instead. Mark isn’t happy and he’s trying to spread the word; this is my attempt to help him and to get Apple to change this behavior. This would be acceptable from a cheap computer brand but not from Apple, THE most expensive computer brand, whose flagship is to produce computers with above-par quality. This sure as hell isn’t above-par.

[via Gizmodo]