Angry Birds for Android (Now in the Android Market!)

less than 1 minute read

Anyone who owns an iPhone or who has a friend who owns an iPhone will probably know about Angry Birds. Angry Birds is this awesome game where you hurl all kinds of different birds with different abilities at some nasty pigs. The goal of each level is kill all of the pigs and keep progressing through the different levels, with different obstacles and new birds.

Sounds like a game you’d like to play on your Android phone? Well read on then!

The good people at Roxio finally had mercy on us, Android users, and decided to release a version of this game on the Android platform. You can find it in the Android Market as a Lite Beta version. I’ve had the chance to try it on my Samsung Galaxy S and let me tell you: it’s orders of magnitude faster than the same game on my iPad. Absolutely stunning and fluid. Give it a go!

(Don’t know what this is? Download an app called “Barcode Scanner” and scan this code to download “Angry Birds” right away!)