Tiago is now officially an ASF committer!

1 minute read

True to the proverbial “feather in the cap”, I have been promoted to committer with the project I have been participating on during the last few months, Apache Derby. There’s not much to say except that it feels really good to have your hard work recognized πŸ™‚

Apache Derby is a great project with a really nice community of helpful people and it was through Derby that I have participated and successfully completed the Google Summer of Code challenge for two years in a row! It’s always a great challenge even to the sharpest mind and most advanced skills because this is an extensive project that has already been around for more than a decade. Over this period different developers have participated on it which adds to the challenge of reengineering and simple engineering of new features when the need arises. I can’t say this is a disadvantage though as it is an excellent way of being exposed to actual production code from an IT giant (Apache Derby once was IBM Cloudscape). It’s also exciting because the changes that you make will actually have an impact on the thousands of people that use Apache Derby and for this reason all changes have to be done with most care to keep Derby’s performance up to the challenge as well as to ensure that all standards are kept.

With this said, I’ll just leave here the link to the “historical” vote in the ASF list πŸ™‚