Samsung Galaxy S and the iPhone 4’s amazing screen

3 minute read

I went into an O2 store today. I was merely looking to handle the new iPhone 4, to see how it looked like in person, to see how it felt in my hand and… obviously, to test the death grip, or, more correctly, the death touch. Yes, you don’t really have to grip it like Steve J. suggests, you really just have to touch it on that joint point on the bottom left corner of the phone and the signal goes all the way down to just two, and then one bar. You can clearly see the effects of the new firmware though, it no longer goes into no signal, it will still tell you that there’s some signal, while in fact it’s probably impossible to make any calls at that point. But anyway, I was there, I tested it. I didn’t grip the iPhone, I merely pressed my index finger against that tiny little spot and the signal instantly started dropping from the full five bars to two bars and ultimately to just one bar. Similarly, as soon as I raised my finger from that spot, it gained back the signal to full strength. This is why I’m dubbing this issue not “death grip” but “death touch”.

Not all is bad about the iPhone 4 though. The screen is amazing, tantalizing, fabulous, ridiculously fantastic and I might just have ran out of adjectives to describe how “real” it feels to look at such a screen. It’s like there’s no screen at all and you’re just looking at something “real”. If you’ve read my blog, you’ll know that by now I loathe Steve Jobs. He’s an arrogant prick who bullies his employees and he might as well have been the one who gave the order to go ahead with this design, despite having been warned about the issues it could have. Still, the screen of the iPhone 4 is just… fantastic. It’s something that has to be seen in person to be wooed by it and trust me, you will be.

Anyway, enough beating the dead horse with a stick and moving on to more serious matters. I’ve had my eye on the Samsung Galaxy S for a while now and based on the reviews and videos I saw of it, I was pretty much convinced on getting one. I had a few deals on eBay that I was keeping track of  and I was just waiting for my own phone to sell to then buy the Galaxy. However, what was not my surprise when on the O2 store, I saw the Samsung Galaxy S for sale and it had actually been one of the motives for me to go up to the store: I wanted to try the phone in person just to get the feel of it. I asked the lady if she had one other than that one on display as it had no battery and she went to get one, a BNIB handset, just for me to try. I was impressed with her amiability with this and I had the chance to take a glance at the price tag – £319 it read. I thought to myself that it was a really nice price but it was probably locked to O2, which isn’t desirable at all for me. I’m at a point in my life that I might have to move to God knows where and having a phone that’s locked to a British network is anything but ideal for me.

The lady came back with the handset and she let me mess around with it a bit. I tried (and failed) to enable Swype, and on a casual chit chat with the O2 lady, I asked her whether the phone was locked and she told me she didn’t actually know. Those phones were supposed to be sold on contracts and those are usually unlocked, but she didn’t know. She also told me that she was fairly sure they were unlocked, as the box had no O2 branding whatsoever, but she didn’t know for sure. After asking a few of her colleagues, none of them seemed to be sure either but at some point, one of them assured me it was unlocked to all networks, and I just knew it: I have to buy this phone. And I did. I made an excellent deal, better than any of the deals on eBay because I get 1 year warranty and in the end it’s actually cheaper than anything on eBay.

So, to everyone who’s wanting to buy a Samsung Galaxy S, I say try your local O2 shop. Maybe they have a few units like this!