CQ60So here I am now, finally alone. My owner won’t leave me alone for a second during the day! I’m surprised he gave me some rest now, I guess I should enjoy it.

Well, first things first so I should introduce myself. I’m an HP Compaq Presario CQ60-200EP and by the looks of it, I must be pretty darn good as my owner uses me every single day! It can be maddening at times… having him (literally) push my buttons all the time…

Lately he’s done a smart move though and installed Windows 7 on me. I feel so much lighter now. It’s as if I went to the gym regularly for a year… except I didn’t!

I don’t get to do much fun stuff very often but he does a lot of work with me and in a way I’m happy with that. I like feeling useful and handy and I know my owner trusts me with some pretty serious stuff…

I pack a generous 15.6 inch screen which is pretty wide and still portable (in your face, you 17 inch monsters!). All in all I was very affordable and I’m a dual core, from Intel – by far the best CPU maker out there right now. My graphics are also by Nvidia which is pretty darn good, I say. You know, I also have a DVD burner with lightscribe which is the next best thing these days and did I mention that I have an integrated card-reader, a webcam and an HDMI output?! I love it when he plugs me in to his 52 inch flat screen. I feel like a whole different computer when he watches 1080p movies with me!

Do you need a laptop? If you do, I have a few brothers that would gladly live with you and accompany you everywhere! I’m a sexy piano-black and have a cute aluminum “Q” on my lid. Interested? Well, for a limited period I can get you $30 off in orders over $150 on the HP Home Store. Sounds good?

Just go over to the HP Home Store and use the following coupon code: SV2132.

Keep in mind though! This coupon is valid through the 31st of October or while supplies last! So get yours while it is still time!
(Restrictions and exclusions apply)