Yep, that is right indeed, I have one of such babies. Privileges of being a Microsoft Student Partner huh? It does have its downturns as well though, such as when I go out of my house, there’s a massive crowd waiting to get my autograph and to interview me… (not really…)

But that’s just it, just wanted to share my shiny new subscriptor card with you readers and have you envy it. Yes, now I have Vista Ultimate for free, and who knows, maybe Windows 7 too, when it gets out… 😉

My apologies for having gone through a period without posting at all but, my life has been undergoing some maintenance (all for good, I assure you! but won’t get into specifics) and therefore I haven’t been coming here as often as I would like. This is however going to change and so, expect to see more regular posting from now on.

See you soon!