Hello again!</p>

I reckon it has been a while since I have last posted on this blog but truth is that times have been busy. As some of the readers know, my birthday was on the August 4th, hence the time away from the blog.

I am also however working on TeddyBearNotes v2 which is still on an early stage. It will also come on two different flavours: your old freeware notes program and a corporate version, with more features and added functionality. So stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, I leave you with a lovely t-shirt I got as a birthday gift this year (thank you Kamilla!).

Isn’t it absolutely great? I was thinking, maybe we should plan a trip to Mt. Cheyenne… I cannot wait to meet the Asgard 😉

‘Till the next time! *hums the Stargate tune*