Microsoft Student Partner pt. 2

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And hello again!</p>

I’m here fresh out of Lisbon and out of my MSP interview. I confess I was a little scared to start with but it is also true that all of the interviewers were very friendly and not scary at all. After being introduced to the whole content of the MSP program, the first question came: “How many tracks does the Olympics swimming pool have?”. Fortunately they were kidding when I was told I could not be an MSP since I answered that question incorrectly (I answered 6 and apparently it has 10 tracks) :P.

Other than this I’d say I left a good impression, except the fact that I was nervous, no doubt about that – but I am guessing (and hoping) that that is the case with most MSP interviewees. I like the spirit and the environment and whilst I do not know anything for certain yet, I think I am on the right track for success – more news will follow and I promise I will keep you all posted!

P.S. Don’t mind the ugly face on the picture 😛 there was heavy wind blowing on there.</div>