Source Code</p>

New version release. This version includes both bug-fixes and improvements, refer to the change-log for a detailed overview of such changes.

– Bug-Fix: If you had TeddyBearNotes keeping your window always open, when you shut-down your computer or simply close TBNotes, the notes would not be saved. They are now.
– Behaviour change: If you had TBNotes auto-hiding the window when it would lose focus, whenever you would click on the icon to get the window to open again your text cursor would be behind the text already on the note window, whereas now, the cursor shows up on front of all the text present in the box, allowing you to start typing right away.

Got any suggestions for TeddyBear Notes? Please e-mail them to me at tiago[at]espinhas[dot]net or post comments here, on my blog!