EDIT: The links were broken. Apparently the RAR was corrupt, but now it should all be well.</p>

I am back!

Well, this time I’m here to publicize my first masterpiece, the TeddyBearNotes!

For those of you who already knew SafeSex, TeddyBearNotes is a more pleasant version of this tool, developed upon more recent technologies. Truth to be told, it also is not very pleasant to be labeled as a pervert for constantly having a hovering window on our screen, reading “SafeSex”. It is Safe… but it is a bit inconvenient for those who have no knowledge of what the program is about.

Because of all this, and at the request of a friend of mine, I decided to develop this very friendly application, both in its name as well as on its ease of use, and its graphical environment.

For those who did not know SafeSex, this application allows us to store text notes for later access; an improved notepad of sorts. SafeSex leaves us a small rectangle on our desktop and you just have to click it in order to get to your notes.

Let us now go onto the technical details. TeddyBearNotes was developed upon the .NET Framework 3.5, using C# as the language. The notes are stored in the hard drive in an XML file and they can be optionally encrypted. The encryption resorts to a widely known algorithm, the AES (also known as the Rijndael algorithm) which is also the algorithm used by the North-American government.

TeddyBearNotes also allows you to have it boot up automatically with Windows and it also gives you the possibility of completely customizing the window where you write your notes.

As far as licensing goes, this program is open-source and distributed under the BSD license (read the file inside the source code package). It is therefore possible to redistribute the code as long as the original license file is kept, with the due credits to myself.

I think I have not missed anything so I will leave here the temporary download links. As soon as the project gets approved on SourceForge I shall change the links to the final ones.

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