At some point, we have all used post-its. Some people admittedly use it more than others but we have all used them. They are very handy and at really busy times, we humans have a knack for forgetting things, thus there is the need to note down stuff.</p>

However, post-its use up space, either stuck to your monitor screen or messed up around your desk, and let us face it: nowadays, if you have a desk, it is very likely that you have a PC. If you do, you came to the right place.

The question I am going to ask you is: if you wanted to write a note for yourself right now on a post-it, what would you have to do? You would probably have to search for your post-it stash, then find a pen that actually still does its job (and we all know how hard that is…) and only then write your notes down, only to be limited by a really small writing area.

What if I told you that you could have a (friendly-looking) icon in your system tray (that zone next to the clock on your Windows start bar), where you just have to click it to have a fully customizable text box show up? Even better, what if that text box instantly vanishes as soon as you resume the work you were doing on your computer, safely encrypting the notes in your hard drive with a world renowned algorithm, effectively keeping your notes secure?

It sounds good so far? Well keep reading!

Imagine this scenario: your office or your home gets broken into. Tough luck. You had post-its all over your computer monitor, with your passwords for your online banking, for your instant messaging services, for your e-mail, for your online DMV access, and now it’s all gone. The thieves stole your computer altogether and it is all in their hands now. You have to go through all the hassle of changing all your passwords.

What if you were using TeddyBear Notes? Not by a slim chance would they have access to your stuff! Not only can you store a limit-less amount of information in it but you can choose to encrypt the notes! Do you know which encryption algorithm TeddyBear Notes uses? You do not need to be a genius to know this: it uses the AES algorithm, also widely known as the Rijndael algorithm. Heck, that is the algorithm used by the US government! We all know how the North-Americans value their security so whilst I do not know the inner workings of the algorithm (I am not a mathmatician), I certainly trust what is one of the most secure algorithms out there.

You cannot go wrong with this little application. TeddyBear Notes is lightweight, it has a really really small footprint on your computer’s memory and you can customize it. No longer will you have to stick with boring yellow post-its. Are you a girly girl with a passion for pink? Great! Change the background colour for pink and customize the font type and colour for whichever you like.

Do you know what is the pièce de résistance about TeddyBear Notes? It is and and absolutely free and open-source! Just like Linux, to name an example. Now, when was the last time you heard of someone using Linux and getting hacked or catching viruses? You probably have never heard about it. The big advantage of using open-source software is that it is not just my eyes (the developer’s) that are ensuring that this application is safe, instead, it is the eyes of hundreds of programmers all around the world! Simply because the code is available for everyone to download and have a look. Doesn’t this make TeddyBear Notes unsafe, you ask? Not in the slightest. The safest algorithms and programs in the world are all open-source (including AES) and the reason for that is what I just mentioned: they are being proofed by thousands of people all around the world. Besides, your notes are encrypted with an algorithm through the means of a password. Without that password, tough luck for hackers. It would take decades worth of really massive computing to crack your notes specifically, and another whole lot of decades to crack anyone else’s.

Do you like what you see? Wonderful. This post is my introduction post to TeddyBear Notes, so essentially all you have to do is go to and then click the tag “teddybearnotes” on the right-hand menu. Now you only have to search for the post with the latest version (1.1.1-5 at the time of the posting), download it and install the program.

Lastly, if you want to donate, please feel free to. Donations are voluntary and TeddyBear Notes will always be free. However, if you like the program and are feeling generous, you can donate any amount you like to my PayPal account through the link on the right or by clicking here.</div>