Google Code Jam part 1

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It is with much sorrow that I write this post because unfortunately, I did not pass on the first round of Google Code Jam πŸ™ a real shame. The opinion is shared though: many other people were complaining about how cryptic the problem descriptions were and that was so. The genius heads at Google are more likely probing our mind reading capabilities, rather than our skill at programming algorithms.</p>

Am I the only one to disagree that on a competition called “Google Code Jam” we are to be tested on our mathematical skills? I mean, for God’s sake, programming is not (just) about maths! There is so much more to it. One thing I can tell you all: I am going to try my luck tomorrow, but certainly not going to apply for the 2009 version of the competition.

I am done with the headaches for no end-game at all. And now…. Stargate Atlantis time, the true joy of life πŸ˜‰